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Consumer & Retail

Stratex Group disciplined approach to strategic planning combines proprietary

analytical tools and unparalleled industry experience to help clients significantly

improve performance.

Informed by our experience with leading suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, our

approach is holistic and integrates four key capabilities:

                  - development planning;   - product design and development;

                 - sourcing and vendor collaboration;  - manufacturing. 

Stratex Group also provides brand development, marketing and PR support.

Other operational support includes:

             - designing and implementing the internal sales structure;

             - identifying potential licensees or franchisees for brands;

             - creating strategic alliances and acquiring key customers.

Our retail customer service improvement experience permits us to assist our

customers to establish a desired service environment in their stores  or online stores.

We can also assist you to develop and integrate a stronger  service focus into the

culture of your organization.

  • Speed-to-market acceleration, process design and implementation support.

  • Product development, sourcing process efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

  • Improvements addressing quality, flexibility and speed.

  • Innovation delivery.

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