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Transportation & Logistics

The transportation, travel and especially online ordering is undergoing continuous transformation, big online product

suppliers enjoy many degrees of strategic freedom and inherent growth rates.


Deregulation, consolidation and privatization are opening new opportunities for growth, cooperation or alignment

with other players, while simultaneously raising the bar for operational performance and profitability.

Transportation includes all sorts of planning, organizational and management services. Over the past years, we have

seen a trend to consolidation,resulting in larger, integrated groups operating in more than one transportation 


Companies looking to build a durable business need to continuously offer added value. As business models change in

the industry, many companies are evolving from forwarding and warehouse managing companies to highly

industrialized, IT driven supply chain providers.

We have a passionate team of dedicated transport experts, with experience of working in this highly industrialized

industry, who bring a wide range of capabilities and real depth of insight to help you.

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