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Entertainment & Media

Stratex Entertainment and Media practice encompasses the broadcasting, printing and publishing markets as well as focusing on creative artists in music, film, television production and marketing services industries.

Consolidation continues to drive media deals and partnerships either through deregulation, the need to achieve national  or global scale, and to optimize efficiency.

Content businesses have been in a struggle to create viable interactive businesses that cater to consumer expectations and mitigate the growing piracy crisis. Content companies, distributors and hardware manufacturers need to collaborate to devise legitimate alternatives to file-swapping , access to what is available online and be updated on security of your information at all times.

Many media companies will need to make major organizational changes to create the feedback loops that will allow them to better collect, analyze and act on consumer behavioral changes. Consumer knowledge will feed  new business models, key decisions on cross-platform offerings, next generation user interfaces and everything companies need to offer consumers more relevant choices.

  • Attracting customers.

  • Finding and proposing new mergers .

  • Solving international operations issues with sales and transportation.

  • Protecting content right and sales.

  • Reducing costs in business operations.

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